Capacity building

Capacity building tools

DeltaMAR’s specific objective is to build capacity among a diverse set of stakeholders involved in the production and consumption of potable water through MAR.

Guidelines are formulated for successful MAR implementation regarding hydrogeological, hydrogeochemical, and governance factors as well as for potential site assessment and investigation.


PhD candidates have been trained in the integrated analyses of drinking water issues.

Training on ‘Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR): from site selection to site governance’ (28-30 December, 2019)

A dedicated but broad MAR training course covering all relevant aspects of MAR such as explanation of optimal criteria, site investigation protocols, practicing with models on recovery efficiency, system design, and achieved water quality, and optimal governance structures was developed and offered to interested parties. For details, contact Kazi Matin Ahmed.

Impressions of a three day training session on MAR called From Site Selection to Site Governance delivered by Professors Kazi Matin Ahmed and Shantanu Majumder, in and around Khulna, with 30 participants from agencies with a (drinking) water related mandate (e.g. DPHE, BWDB), NGOs (e.g. JJS, Shushilan, Locos), Projects (e.g. EPRC, DeltaMAR) and knowledge institutes (e.g. Kuhlna University, KUET, Dhaka University).