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Capacity building

DeltaMAR’s specific objective is to build capacity among a diverse set of stakeholders involved in the production and consumption of potable water through MAR.

Capacity building needs document: The PhD research projects will result in a detailed understanding of what it takes to successfully run and upscale MAR. This understanding will be translated into a set of required capacities. Stakeholders will be identified and screened in terms of capacity deficiencies. The combined insights will be reported in a capacity building needs document.

Capacity building tools: Guidelines will be formulated for successful MAR implementation regarding hydrogeological, hydrogeochemical, and governance factors as well as for potential site assessment and investigation; As a spin-off from the guidelines, and training courses, specific MSc level course material will be made for curriculum development at Dhaka University and elsewhere; Guidelines for training-of-trainers activities will be developed for UNICEF, and other interested parties. With all lessons-learned from capacity building, a final (partly interactive) MAR online training course will be developed and uploaded to the Delta-MAR website.

Capacity building training: PhD candidates will be training. A dedicated but broad MAR training course covering all relevant aspects of MAR such as explanation of optimal criteria, site investigation protocols, practicing with models on recovery efficiency, system design, and achieved water quality, and optimal governance structures will be developed and offered to interested parties.