Md. Imran Hasan

Mohammad Imran Hasan has completed his M.Sc. on water resources engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in 2015. For his M.Sc. research, he studied the flooding behavior of the Upper Meghna River. His Ph.D. research focuses on modeling the aquifer storage and recovery efficiency and subsurface flow of MAR systems. He will develop new tools to evaluate recovery efficiency and predict the performance of alternative MAR system. Imran is supervised by Mark Bakker, Boris van Breukelen and Kazi Matin Ahmed.

Md. Risalat Rafiq

Muhammad Risalat Rafiq obtained his BS (Hons.) in Geology and his Msc in Hydrogeology from the University of Dhaka. His Msc thesis topic wasregarded the delineation of fresh-saline water interface in and around Cox’s Bazar Town, Bangladesh. He is a lecturer in Geology and Mining Department at Barisal University, Bangladesh. His PhD research aims at the assessment and optimization of MAR system water quality, notably with regard to trace metals mobilization (i.e. arsenic, manganese, and iron) and pathogen levels. (For more, visit Risalat’s LinkedIn profile.). Risalat is supervised by Boris van Breukelen and Kazi Matin Ahmed.

Md. Badrul Hasan

Md. Badrul Hasan obtained his Master’s degree in political science from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, where he currently also holds an assistant professorship. His fields of expertise and interest include governance, political systems in South Asia, democracy and democratization. His PhD research concerns the assessment and optimization of MAR system governance. (For more, visit Badrul’s LinkedIn profile.). Badrul is supervised by Frank van Laerhoven, Shantanu Majumder, Peter Driessen and Annelies Zoomers. His research output related with the DeltaMAR project includes the following titles:

Floris Naus

Floris Naus obtained his master in Hydrology from the VU University Amsterdam (2015). For his master thesis, he worked at the Vienna University of Technology to research the behavior of micropollutants in a riverbank filtration system. His PhD research concerns the integrated ex ante assessment of MAR system performance. (For more, visit Floris’ LinkedIn profile.). Floris finalized his disseration and is scheduled to defend on 6 November, 2020. Floris received supervision from Kazi Matin Ahmed, Jasper Griffioen, and Paul Schot. His DeltaMAR related scientific publications include the following: