Project output

Project Output

The project’s specific objectives include the following:

  1. Develop knowledge and guidelines for optimal MAR design and operation regarding fresh water recovery;
  2. Develop knowledge and guidelines for optimal MAR performance regarding drinking water quality;
  3. Develop an intervention strategy leading to optimal MAR governance arrangements at the local level, and rapid and cost-efficient diffusion of MAR at the regional level;
  4. Develop an a priori evaluation method for MAR performance in saline deltas, based on integration of hydrogeological and socio-economic parameters

The achievement of said objectives culminated in this DeltaMAR project output report: DeltaMAR project output report (click to download the pdf)

This DeltaMAR project output report contains a series of practitioners guides drinking water professionals – both in the public and the private sector – to help them optimizing:

  • MAR Water quality;
  • MAR Governance, and;
  • Site selection.